Fishing Licenses


Below is a table of the most popular fishing licenses sold at our resort.  This is not a complete list.  To see a complete list, please visit TNWILDLIFE.ORG.  While you are there, you can also buy your license online to make your check-in much easier.

Fishing License Information

**You must provide your Social Security # to get a License**

License TypeCost
Resident 1 Day$5.50
Resident Annual *$28.00
Resident Trout *$18.00
Resident Junior Annual (13 to 15 Years Old) * $8.00
Non Resident 3 Day (No Trout) **$16.50
Non Resident 3 Day (Trout Included) $33.50
Non Resident 10 Day (No Trout) **$25.50
Non Resident 10 Day (Trout Included)$50.50
Non Resident Annual (No Trout) **$41.00
Non Resident Annual (Trout Included)$81.00
Non Resident Junior Annual (13 to 15 Years Old) $9.00
*  All Annual License expire on the last day of February.
** You cannot add Trout to this license.  You must buy a new license.

If you are interested in a guided fishing trip, CLICK HERE to view a list of guides that work out of our resort.